1978 born and raised in Bad Waldsee, Southern Germany
1995 –1996 1 year exchange in southern California
1998 Abitur and Study at the academy of art and design Stuttgart until 2004
2002 7-month scholarship at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
2004 until 2005 master studies: Intermediales Gestalten at the academy of art and design Stuttgart

Paradiesgaertlein deluxe
- Collage - Baggersee statt Stuttgart 21 -
Titney Superstar - trashfash - projects/exhibitions

"Basically, my work is: painting, which implies the occupation with colour and form. Thematically, the work relates to the function of package and cover, in one aspect to the interior of the pacakged, in an other aspect it relates to the formal impression thereof. A part of that project deals directly with the public space/ everyday situations like for example clothing installations. Also found footage from the supermarket like plastic bags and milk packages are used in collages and installations. For me package represents the frontier between real ans fictuous world, the border between the touchable and the projected. The question about fact or fiction in reality shall be followed in installations in the everyday world and in fictuous world which manifests itself for me in projectable media like film or video.
Working media for me are painting on paper with oil, acrylic, spraypaint ,edding; painting in the room with projections and found footage installations, in public space with clothing."

Paradiesgaertlein deluxe
(paradise garden deluxe)
is the expression for fictious inside worlds that everybody creates for himself in order to set up a frontier to the everyday world outside. Clichees of „arcadia“ are played with, along with that images of intact landscapes are persiflied and new installed.
Painting oil on paper- exaggerated images of idyllic situations drawn out of "BILD-zeitung" (german boulevard paper), and other ideologies of homeland are built into fictuous city- and landscapes.

Collage - the pictures found on supermarket packages serve as the basic material for collages of a concentrated idyll- the green fields from the milk package linked with other images, figures, speeches that promise hapiness .
Space collage- Installation out of found package material, especially plastic bags which are installed in a room to a 3-dimensional landscape painting. The viewer has to enter the installation and become part of it.

Baggersee statt Stuttgart 21
(fake lake instead of stuttgart21; video 2005)
In a fictuous interview between representatives of the TV channel and the building company the installation of a fake lake in the very center of Stuttgart is discussed. The creation of a space offering the possibility of individual relaxation and body expansion instead of setting up a financial quarter filled witheveryday hectics and the urge to earn money.
Along with the video goes an installation consisting out of an information booth displaying commercial material (stickers and badges) for the fake lake. Also there is a petition list for
the lake, as well as information material as photos and small commercial objects

Titney Superstar
(video,performance,installation 2005)
Titney Bears, the role model who is represented in commercials, music television , fashion business and who lives in the youth’s minds . As an Idol who is projected in every media, she controls public space. Clothing, hairdo and the habit of a media-created image process themselves on parts of society and show them as a colorful clothing installation in city space. Titney can be seen and heard on posters in public space, as an animation video format on TV, as music and speech in radio stations and is represented by her clothing and hair style on other people in public space.


A project together with Julia Heuer, occupying itself with fahion in everyday life: Clothing out of material from the home improvement market or the old clothes' collection spot is changed with found material, sewed differently and will be worn in public space as installation. Before wearing, this installation is presented in a gallery and shown as an abstract landscape of fabric which shall be transported from the white cube into public space and therefor change its structure. By using non-textile material a hint wants to be given to the inflation of cheap clothing who occupy stores in western shopping streets.


projects/exhibitions (excerpt)

March 2006 March gallery in Hardcore Cafe Stuttgart feat. : The Revitalization of Uschi M. by Julia Heuer and Renate Liebel
Feb. 2006
Bandits Mages, Bourges, France: group project with Mike Hentz and students, performance, video
Nov. 2006 Sonance.net / Vienna online network exhibition
Okt.2005 Trashfash – clothing and consumption criticism, Galerie Hausgeburt , S- Nordbahnhof
Okt. 2005 Titney superstar. Final exam shown in and around Heusteigtheater Stuttgart
July 2005 An audience campain Rocker 33 Stuttgart
2004 Dez. Macroland . WUK, Wien
July 2004 Translation – videos and installations by Intermediales Gestalten students Wagenhalle Stuttgart
May 2004 Rueckkopplung/Stoerung- drawing and sound performance Stadtbuecherei Stuttgart
April 2004 Exam painting and drawing: „ package and the two other sides , academy of art and design stuttgart

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