spoken word network from beautiful lake of constance


Mickry3. Colorful trashy sculpture dolls by some girls from Rüdigerstrasse
Pocketmaster elektro music from gameboys.yeeh
Saalschutz also live elektro.also yeeh!
design: fetish consulting

Les Tileuls squat Lausanne


Galerie Roger Tator contemporary art and design gallery
Boulangerie du Prado underground art space and bar
Gabriel Samson Art research, graphic design


galerie a la plage

art center


claudie dadu
the woman with the beard
max horde artist of the invisible line


foa boccaccio
centro sociale with very friendly people

Strike spa, Portonaccio, Centro sociale
independent news agency Amisnet, same building
Forte Prenestino,alternative cultural center in an old castle

artists from casaterra festival:
atelier azur
artist group who organize the casaterra festival.
Karen Kerkhoven and Lisa Herrick
choreography and dance from Australia
Sara Serrao from Portugal creating a network of alternative rural art centers
Irene Anton from Berlin Land Art and Textile Design wrapping trees and dancers..
Roger and Christy Sayre from New Jersey photography and installation


Klub Orlando
alternative cultural center in the city of Tourism fighting superficiality.
Galerija Otok in Lazareti run by Slaven Tolj and Srdana Cvijic contemporary art space
Meyrick Payne Australian artist who we met on the spot.


O.K.C. Abrasevic cultural center in Mostar trying to bring the people together.
L'oeuf raide. DJs from Lyon who played on the festival with us
Silent wall of comix, belgrade

Metelkova Mesto very famous alternative cultural center which brings life into ljubliana. student radio ljubliana non commercial radio station who did an interview with us. matjaz the noise artist noise! and radio speaker.
mauerstreifen. two very friendly ladies from leipzig germany who will tour eastern europe by projecting films next year

Pod P- Art, Media critique and the trans migration of cinema
estudiolivre. link to our friend jago from Rio who organizes alternative radio network all over brasil

Andor Merks creates computer programs and very skillfull animations as well as fabulous onion soup.
Dinamo. Art space yet linked to Trafo, one of Budapests cultural centers.
Tuzrakter. Another cultural center around the corner of Trafo


. A very active cultural center in the middle of a motorway junction!
Panicbutton. Marcel from Ukraine and Vladko are producing their own magazine featuring artists and good stuff. excellent design!!
Sam Reese artist from england with excellent drawings.

we want to remark that we are not responsable for the content of the linked sites.