Eva Bredow was born in 1978 in Göttingen.
She grew up in Göttingen, Murnau a.S. and Ravensburg.

1998-2004 Academy of Arts and Design Stuttgart.
Scholarships to Vilnius and Paris.
“assistante de production multimedia” in Paris (creating visuals for Colette, Mazda, Lacoste and others) live video mixing in clubs and parties

Shorts and animation films shown at art exhibitions and international film festivals


In Arielle (2002-3)the urban underground metro station is being interpreted as the scenery of a contemporary surreal under water world. The original fairytale of H.C. Andersson gets an unexpected twist.
Music by Clement Escaffre.

(2004) was originally developped as a site specific installation in the context of the project “translation” in the artspace Wagenhalle in Stuttgart.
It is the fiction about a man who's world is turned around 90° -which turns crossing the empty building into an adventure.
Music and acting by Sergej Moser

Le Lapin
(Paris 2004, Gabriel Martin, Eva Bredow)
Stickers on parisian metro doors gave the idea for the film "le lapin". As a 2D sticker, frozen in the moment of snapping his fingers in the metro door, the pink rabbit in it's yellow outfit is a competely accepted part of Parisian metro life; But acting in time and space as a living creature it just did not fit. (Especially since is kept as a reminiscence of it's graphic origin. A 2-dimensional mask made it look like a cartoon-rabbit only out of perspective of the camera.
Music by Moritz Finkbeiner

Adam und Eva (2005)
is a video-installation on two screens facing each other, filmed in one single take (it can be played as a loop).
One actor is playing different historical/cultural personalities (Adam and Eva, Wilhelm Tell and his son, Paris and the three goddesses, as well as Helmut Newton..) all of which are interpreted with the help of one object, an apple. "Ceci n'est pas une pomme" -this is not just an apple, but a symbol for very different symbolic meanings, depending on it's context.